About Us

About Us

Safizman Collection was established in 1998 amidst the Asian Economic Crisis, we commenced our operations with a modest starting capital and a vision to become the foremost retailer of school uniforms and accessories in Johor. Today, we take pride in our accomplishments as a retail establishment with over two decades of experience in catering to the needs of our clientele.

Our unwavering commitment to providing the finest products and services to our young customers remains the cornerstone of our business. We are driven by a desire to offer our children the very best and have consistently strived towards achieving this goal. With an enduring legacy of 20 years, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted brand, and we remain steadfast in our mission to continue providing exceptional customer experiences.

In SAFIZMAN, we believe that every child deserves the best ACCESS of everything, not just education but also what they wear every day. They deserve COMFORTABLE yet AFFORDABLE school uniforms, and to EMPOWER them for a better education process.
Our Stores

We provide a back-to-school promotion on Plaza Angsana and many other locations every year to provide our customers with the best shopping experience, as well as our 365 retail store at Franchise Mara, Pulai Perdana, in the heart of Iskandar.

Our Business

Apart from traditional and e-commerce retailing, we provide bulk purchases at discounted prices for government and private projects. We believe in the sharing of wealth, as every unfortunate child deserves as much as we can afford.